Tap teaches students an understanding of the connection between dance, rhythm and music. Footwork is often intricate and requires dexterity and concentration. Tap is essential for students looking to become dance professionals especially within the Musical Theatre world. We follow the syllabus from BBO (British Ballet Organization) for our Tap classes and examinations, Denise Ward is a BBO approved Tap teacher.

More About BBO Tap

Tap classes for girls and boys aged four and upwards are fun, energetic and aimed at developing musical awareness with a natural sense of rhythm. Using barre, centre and travelling across the floor work students enjoy learning the basics of Tap.

Within the junior grades rhythms become more complex using different tempos and time signatures. Clarity of beats with lightness and shade and a quality of rhythm encourages students to develop an expressive style and sense of performance. Balance, control, neat footwork and well travelled floor work are important for technique. Free work is introduced at this stage within the curriculum combining steps and patterns taught requiring students to improve their memory skills.

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