BBO Ballet

Ballet is the foundation for all other dance styles and is absolutely vital to serious dancers training whether their aspirations are classical or musical theatre. Careful study of Ballet technique gives dancers the strength, elegance and flexibility.

More About BBO Ballet

The British Ballet Organization (BBO) advocates ‘dance for all’. It believes there should be opportunity for all those interested in acquiring dance performance skills to participate in a well devised, safe and developmental programme of dance study, and to recognize their progress and achievement through taking examinations. Recognized by the Government’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA/OFQUAL).

We start with pre-syllabus, pre-primary and primary classes where girls and boys are introduced to the concepts of basic movements. Classes help build co-ordination, poise and balance in a fun and nurturing atmosphere where children gradually learn the discipline that is required in class.

Junior classes use barre and center work to build controlled use of turn out, correct placement and posture. Within a curriculum students are encouraged to be aware of core stability, flexibility and co-ordination. Through the grades students improve technique whilst learning artistic breadth of movement. Classes also develop student’s self-discipline, attention span and response to rhythm and musical patterns.

Within senior classes the work becomes more complex with pointe work concentrating on body alignment, balance and increased stamina. Boy’s allegro work, strength and presentation skills are developed further. Technique, strength, artistry and fluidity of movement are an important part of class with a focus on core stability.

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